AATSF – Developing Albania together!
Client: AATSF

We retouched the logo of Albanian Agribusiness and Tourism Support Facility (AATSF), aiming to create a modern touch and a more presentative identity for our beloved client.

The three key elements are essential for the organization’s mission of promoting sustainable economic development.

The green line – Symbolizes the Albanian mountains, which provide the pride, beauty, natural resources, and energy for our country.

The blue line – Symbolizes the rivers that flow through the country to the sea, and are the main tourist attractions of Albania.

The yellow line – Symbolizes the wheat fields, the source of income for many rural farmers.

By combining these three elements, we aim to represent the activities supported by AATSF.

AATSF – A successful and fruitful fair

We had the privilege of creating and producing a beautiful and successful fair booth in Lushnjë, Albania, on behalf of our esteemed client, The Agribusiness and Tourism Support Program in Albania (AATSF).

The event, held from April 27th to April 29th, drew the participation of hundreds of citizens, farmers, and entrepreneurs who eagerly shared their ideas and visions.

The AATSF booth emerged as an essential point, attracting considerable attention and numerous visitors. By distributing over 1,000 brochures, we effectively disseminated information about the AATSF program to entrepreneurs and farmers keen on exploring its benefits.

The event served as a platform for meaningful engagement, contributing to our community’s shared growth.