Campaign: A success story
Client: Tirana Bank

Here for you!

The most significant success of the human being is that we can cross anything, even beyond ourselves! Together we’ve done so much; we’ve overcome every challenge, and now we’re heroes of our own lives. Each day we exceed our limits, and that makes us unstoppable! And in our journey, there are a lot of institutions that help us be the best, filling us with dreams, aspirations, and goals. So we proposed “Here for you”, an inspiring tagline that comes as an invitation to make everyone’s dream come true and our beloved client, Tirana Bank, loved it!

Stronger together!

What makes us stronger? Being part of an amazing team and doing the best, always!
Following case for Landmark team was the 25 anniversaries of Tirana Bank, the first private bank on Albania. The campaign aimed to emphasize the values and importance of the Bank’s journey and tell an inspiring story. So, our suggestion was this: at each time, we are stronger together!