CCBS @Elvana Gjata

gfdhfh Campaign: A shining VIP stage for a shining star!Client: Coca-Cola Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce the shining star, Elvana Gjata! An excellent star like her deserves nothing less than a grand VIP stage. Our cherished client, Coca-Cola, presented us with an exciting challenge: “Unleash your creativity and design an extraordinary VIP stage.”We thrive […]

Alban Tower

gfdhfh Alban Tower: An architectural gem!Client: Alban Tower Can you imagine the incredible artistry and complexity that goes into crafting a truly unforgettable event from the ground up? We delivered a spectacular event for our esteemed client, Alban Tower, marking the grand inauguration of Tirana’s latest architectural gem! More than 200 attendees were immersed in […]


gfdhfh AATSF – Developing Albania together!Client: AATSF We retouched the logo of Albanian Agribusiness and Tourism Support Facility (AATSF), aiming to create a modern touch and a more presentative identity for our beloved client. The three key elements are essential for the organization’s mission of promoting sustainable economic development. The green line – Symbolizes the […]


gfdhfh A conference focused on youngsters, aiming to convey a simple message which we believe is highly important & current. “Do not leave your homeland, because even in the absence of initiatives of relevant institutions, our motherland still offers many opportunities in the field of technology.”

Tirana Bank

gfdhfh Campaign: A success storyClient: Tirana Bank Here for you! The most significant success of the human being is that we can cross anything, even beyond ourselves! Together we’ve done so much; we’ve overcome every challenge, and now we’re heroes of our own lives. Each day we exceed our limits, and that makes us unstoppable! […]


gfdhfh Campaign: At the end, we all are humanClient: UNDP I am your child Nothing has changed; we remain very proud of this campaign.We had the pleasure and privilege of working for “I am your child” campaign and being part of an incredible messaging. “I am your child” tells the stories of people who are […]


gfdhfh Campaign: Be a super hero, for you, for the little ones, for the world.Client: UNICEF Super heroes wear masks. We have always been inspired by superheroes because they are considered role models who choose to do their best and often save the world. This campaign had 2 main goals: 1. To inspire the children, […]

Philip Morris

jkhlk Campaign: A one of a kind journeyClient: Philip Morris Albania Our collaboration started on 2012.A successful journey based on the high dedication of both teams aiming to execute the most unique consumer-engaging experiences. A dedicated team of 30+ experts work on daily basis for Philip Morris Albania aiming to achieve and exceed our common […]

Sisal Campaign: The newest Digital Hub in AlbaniaClient: Sisal Sisal Digital Hub Albania, part of Sisal SPA, in one of the leading international operators in the digital industry always putting an effort to generate and create unique and innovative projects. The newest Digital Hub in Albania, opens its doors for ambitious youngsters who are passionate […]

Mektrin Motors

kjhlkhj Campaign: Say hello to the new Range Rover SportClient: Mektrin Motors Mektrin Motors, leading the automotive industry for more than 16 years.Official representative of the following premium brands: Jaguar & Land Rover, Volvo Cars, Kia, Volvo Trucks, Renault Trucks, Volvo Penta and Ranieri International Boats; New levels of performance, efficiency and sophistication, the Range […]